Being able to respond to email recipient’s activity to move your contact’s onto better targeted campaigns is a classic use case for marketing automation.

You can trigger an automation when your contact opens one of your emails, this allows you to respond in a number of ways to the interest your contact has shown.

Step 1. Choose an email

Choose the email you would like to add an Automation to from your list.

Step 2. Navigate to Automation step

elect the ‘Automation’ step from the bottom navigation. 

Step 3. Add an Automation

Add a name and description. Click the ‘Add’ button in the actions box to begin adding actions.

Select the type of action you would like to take, you can choose to:

  • Send campaign (Choose from one of your Autoresponder campaigns)
  • Issue notification (Send an email to a Jumplead user)
  • Change stage (This is the Contact’s stage)
  • Add contact tag (Use tags to group your Contacts into Lists)

If you choose to send an Autoresponder Campaign, you will then need to choose the campaign you wish to send.

If you choose to Issue a notification, you will then choose the Jumplead users you wish to inform.

And so on for changing the Contact’s Stage and adding a Tag.

Add as many Actions as you like, and when you are happy, click the close icon and save your changes.

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