Correct file format

If you are having trouble importing your CSV into Jumplead it could be that your file is actually tab separated rather than comma separated as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) should be.

When exporting your CSV from your spreadsheet program ensure that the delimited/separator is set to "," (the comma character).

Here is an example of a correct CSV file:

First Name,Last Name,Email Address,Company
Tony,Stark,,Stark Industries
Peter,Parker,,The Avengers
Bruce,Banner,,The Avengers

Here is an example of an incorrect tab delimited file:

"First Name"    "Last Name"    "Email Address"    "Company"
"Tony"    "Stark"    ""    "Stark Industries"
"Peter"    "Parker"    ""    "The Avengers"
"Bruce"    "Banner"    ""    "The Avengers"
"Hank"    "Pym"    ""    "X-CON"

Missing contacts

If you find after importing that some of your contacts are missing, double check that they have both a name and an email address. As these fields are both required to create an contact and if they are not both present the record is skipped.

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