Jumplead uses multi-step, conditional, logic based Workflows to allow you manage nurturing and interacting with your contacts in a scaleable and personalised way.

There are thousands of applications for Workflows and are they are used as a core part of marketing automation to create and manage considerate, personalised customer journeys.

Here are some examples of how you might use Workflows:

  • Start an email campaign to say ‘Thank you’ and follow up after a time with more information.

  • Stop a Workflow to upgrade a contact's stage based upon their activity.

  • Tag your contact with the name of the ebook they downloaded to enable you to segment them at a later date.

  • Remove a Tag from a contact, for example to take them out of a Contact List.

  • Notify yourself or another Jumplead user as to your Contact’s activity.

  • Change their Stage to indicate their progress through your sales funnel.

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