To use Jumplead you will need to add a unique piece of code to your website that is generated when you create a Jumplead account.

As well as tracking visitor and contact activity, the code allows you to chat with your website visitors and also helps to render conversion forms that are personalised for individual contacts.

When you login to your Jumplead account for the first time and until the Jumplead code is successfully installed, a link will be provided to the Settings section where your code is displayed for you to copy and paste into the your website. 

To access the tracking code: 

  • Click your avatar in the right of the top navigation bar

  • Click "Account settings" in the dropdown

  • Click "Tracking code" in the horizontal menu

Code placement

Simply add the Jumplead code (or ask your webmaster) just before the closing </head> tag of every page you want to track with Jumplead. This can usually be done very easily by adding the tracking code to a template or include for every page.

Tip: Don’t use Google Tag Manager as it just isn’t capable of delivering the dynamic content that Jumplead uses for conversion forms and live chat.


Using WordPress? Take a look at our help page on getting setup with our Plugin.


Using Joomla? Here's our setup help page.

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