If you need to use existing forms with Jumplead you can pass Contact information and the Automation you wish to trigger via Javascript. This works much the same as Google Analytics Event Tracking.

When the form is completed it will then fire an Automation in Jumplead, if the Contact exists the activity will be recorded in their Profile Page, if the Contact doesn’t already exist they will be created first.

Ensure that you have an Automation in place that you would like your form to trigger, this might be a “Thank you” email or simply tagging them to record where they converted.

Take a note of the Automation ID (long string of characters in the URL of your new Automation). It will look something like this: 123abc123456a12a1a123456

You’ll need to ensure that the page with your web form contains the Jumplead code just before the closing /head tag. Once you have the code in place in your head you can then manually trigger events in Javascript from your website.

You can now trigger an automation from Javascript like this:

//Trigger Jumplead Automation
var contact = {
    name: "Matt Fenn",
    company: "Jumplead",
    email: "matt@jumplead.com"
jump('send', 'automation', 'trigger', '123abc123456a12a1a123456', contact);

You’ll obviously need to replace your contact information and the long ID to the ID of your automation.

Using PHP or another server side language you will need to construct the script tag with the appropriate variables.

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