Contact stages represent the important steps in moving your website visitors through to being customers.

You might say that someone who has simply added their email address to receive your newsletter is a ‘Subscriber’ someone who has downloaded an ebook is a ‘Lead’, someone who has requested a product specific brochure or taken a trial might be ‘Marketing Qualified’ and someone who successfully completes a trial or asks for a consultation is ‘Sales Qualified’.

By moving contacts between stages it’s easy to identify where people are in your sales pipeline, who is most engaged within each stage, plus it’s easy to put together email broadcasts and autoresponders that help to engage and encourage overall conversion across your sales pipeline.

Customising stages

You can rename, create and manage stages to suit your organisation.

Changing a contact’s stage is an action available from any automation.

You can then use stages to create an email list that is segmented by sales stage.

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