You can create a double opt-in process using Jumplead, where a confirmation email is sent to the address provided and then by clicking a link in your confirmation email your subscriber can confirm their interest and email address.

Here are the steps for creating a double opt-in process:

1. Signup Form

Your signup form is the first step in the double opt-in process, use your ‘Thank you’ page ask people to check their email for a confirmation message.

2. Confirmation Autoresponder

Create a ‘Thank you’ confirmation autoresponder with one step that sends your desired confirmation message and includes a confirmation link to a page on your website letting them know that they have been subscribed. Ensure that your Signup form has an automation that triggers your confirmation autoresponder.

3. Subscription Automation

The final step is to have your contact trigger a second automation when they confirm. There are a few ways you can do this:

Create a prospect activity stream that requires the URL of the confirmation link as a key page to fire an automation to send the campaign autoresponder sequence. It is also useful to add a tag to your contact to identify that they have double opted in what they opted in for that way you can track their express consent for your marketing material.

You could also use a second conversion form or even a landing page for this third subscription automation step. As name and email will be known from the first form completion and then pre-populated, allowing you to confirm their details.

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