Creating useful segments from your contacts allows you to send appropriate and thoughtful communications to your contacts.

Apply filters in the right hand column to refine your segment:

Tag filters

Use tags as a general way to include or exclude contacts from a list, tags can be added to contacts when they are imported, manually, or by automations (for example when someone converts on a form).

Stage filters

Stage filters are a good way to limit a list to a particular sales stage.

Country filter

For geo targeting you can limit your lists to contacts from a specific country, then for US contacts you can further refine your targeting to States, and in the UK to postal areas.

Contact field filters

When you create custom contact fields (populated by mapping data on import or using conversion forms), you can then use any dropdown and checkbox options to segment your contacts.

Once you are happy with your segment give it a name and click the Save button.

You can now send email broadcast campaigns to this segment.

Tip: Jumplead contact segments are dynamic, and based upon your filter criteria. So if someone's activity puts them into a segment just before you send an email campaign they will receive the email.

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