Before you import a contact list into Jumplead it’s important to be clear that you have gained permission to send email to those contacts.

Your list is okay if it’s:

  • People on your list opted in on your website. 

  • People who have opted in to receive emails from you offline.

  • People who have purchased your products, or have given you their email address so that they could receive updates from you.

  • Your internal company employee list.

Your list isn’t okay if it’s

  • A list that you have purchased from a 3rd party (even if it’s “opt in”).

  • A list that you are renting from someone else.

  • A list from Experian, D&B, Advertising Redbooks, AdBase lists, Lexis-Nexis.

  • A list from a local chamber of commerce or local organisation or club.

  • Emails that you have “scraped” from other websites, either manually or automatically.

  • Recipients whose emails you collected without their permission, even if you think that they’d really like to hear from you.

  • Members of any group or organisation that haven’t asked you for your emails.

  • Emails collected by Facebook login. You can only send to those emails via Facebook.

  • A list of customers who have dropped their business card into a fishbowl, unless it said on the fishbowl to drop their card in to receive emails from you.

  • A list of registered voters.

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