The Activity section gives you the ability to see what’s happening on your website right now, identifying returning contacts and the pages they are viewing so that you can see who is currently engaged and giving you the opportunity to reach out at the right time. 

Setting up Activity Streams within the Activity section will allow you to add an automation to send you notifications when your contacts return, or even view certain pages.

Prospect identification

Jumplead allows you identify the contacts and organisations that visit your website along with the pages they have visited and where available the search terms they used to find you.

This information can be particularly useful for business to business (B2B) companies as you can identify companies that are potentially researching a purchase.

The Prospects tab

The Prospects tab within the Activity section shows a list of the activity by prospect organisation and contacts that have been identified through completion of a Jumplead conversion form or clicking through from a Jumplead email campaign. 

The dropdown menu to the right of each prospect contains short cuts to the tabs on the company or contact’s profile page. You can also move the prospect organisations to the visitors tab (by adding them to your Ignore list from the dropdown menu) if they are not of interest.

The Visitors tab

The Visitors tab shows activity from people that are connecting to the internet from a known internet service provider and have not previously completed a conversion form, we classify these people as visitors as they have not yet become part of your sales funnel.

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