Pop ups and overlays are a very effective way to engage with your website visitors and to drive conversions.

With Jumplead you can create and add multi-step conversion flows that are triggered by Exit Intent, Page scroll percent or a time delay. You can also adjust how aggressive your overlays are with the ability to always trigger them or to wait X days before retrying. You can also choose whether to allow a contact to complete an overlay once or more than once.

One of the really great things about Jumplead Overlays and Conversion Flows in general is that you can use Progressive Profiling to dynamically show the next most important custom contact form fields as part of your forms. You can also use consent widgets in your forms to capture GDPR consents.

Overlays are basically Jumplead Conversion Flows with a first step that is an overlay.

Create a new Conversion Flow

In the conversion section of Jumplead create a new Conversion Flow, if you haven't already created a Goal Group, create one first to keep your related Conversion Flows together.

Here I have created a Conversion Flow and named it 'Exit Intent Overlay'.

Add a first Flow step and choose 'Overlay' as that is the type of Conversion Flow we are creating.

When you select 'Overlay' as your first step, you are given some initial options for your overlay, you can choose

  • How many progressive profiling fields you'd like to use
  • How you'd like your overlay to be triggered
  • How aggressive you'd like your overlay to be
  • Whether contacts can complete the overlay once or multiple times

There are 4 ways you can trigger your overlay:

  • Exit intent
  • Page scroll percent
  • Time delay
  • JavaScript

Clicking Next, you can now select a starting template, don't worry if there is nothing that is exactly right straight away as you can edit the template to get it how you'd like it.

Clicking Next will give you the drag and drop editor where you can add and remove and edit the components you need for your overlay.

Clicking Next when you are happy with your design gives you the option to add any custom tags and code into the head section, this is useful for adding any Google Fonts etc.

Clicking Next, you can add any Automations you'd like to add to this particular Conversion Flow step.

When you have added any Automations you need, clicking Next again will give you a confirmation page where you can see how your overlay will look.

Click Save and you will be taken to the Conversion Flow Steps page where you can repeat the process to add any subsequent steps you wish to add, as well as any redirects for when your flow is finished (if required).

To add the Overlay to your website, simply copy the embed code and paste it into your website where you'd like the Overlay to be used.

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