Landing Pages offer more design control over how your Conversion Form is presented allowing you to design a page and then add a Conversion Form to it.

You can choose any existing Conversion Form to add to your Landing Page, and add Actions specific to your Landing Page. This means that you can reuse Conversion Forms across many Landing Pages.

Step 1. Choose a Landing Page

Choose the Landing Page you would like to add an Automation to from your list.

Select the ‘Automations’ tab. Then click ‘No time like the present’ to get started.

Add a name and description to help you find it again in the Automations section where it will be listed, once saved.

Click the ‘Add’ button in the actions box to begin adding actions.

Select the type of action you would like to take, you can choose to:

  • Send campaign (Choose from one of your Autoresponder campaigns)
  • Issue notification (Send an email to a Jumplead user)
  • Change stage (This is the Contact’s stage)
  • Add contact tag (Use tags to group your Contacts into Lists)

If you choose to send an Autoresponder Campaign, you will then need to choose the campaign you wish to send.

If you choose to Issue a notification, you will then choose the Jumplead users you wish to inform.

And so on for changing the Contact’s Stage and adding a Tag.

Add as many Actions as you like, and when you are happy, click ‘Save’.

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