Conversion forms are the most flexible and focused method for triggering an Automation, they can be anything from a ‘Subscribe to our Newsletter’ form to a ‘Registration for a consultation’ or ‘Free product trial’.

Each one of these actions can trigger the sending of marketing information, sales team alerts or changes of the Contact’s stage or status.

Creating a conversion form is done with a multi step wizard. One of these steps is adding an automation, so you can add one when you first create your conversion form. 

Alternatively if you want to add or update an automation for a conversion form you can follow the following steps.

Step 1. Choose a Conversion Form

Choose the Conversion Form you would like to add an Automation to from your list and click on it's name.

This will open the editing wizard.

Step 2. Navigate to Automation step

Click the 'Automation' step in the bottom step sequence navigation.

Step 3. Add or edit your Automation

From the Automation page, add or edit your automation as required, sending any notifications, starting nurture campaign sequences or changing sales funnel stages as required.

Step 4. Close the wizard

Click the close icon in the top right of the wizard,

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