Sending an email Autoresponder campaign based upon your contact’s activity is a common marketing automation task, it allows you to provide a sequence of more targeted communication with an understanding of what your contact is interested in.

Being able to both send and stop Autoresponders based upon activity allows you to upgrade the sequence your contact is receiving to better match their sales readiness.

First create your email Autoresponder sequence that will be the ‘Action’ you wish to trigger from your Conversion Form.

When building the sequence of emails for the Autoresponder schedule, you can leave the trigger for the sequence blank for now.

Step 2. Create your Conversion Form

Then create your Conversion Form or Landing Page to trigger the Autoresponder.

Ensure that you click on the ‘Automation’ tab from your Conversion Form or Landing page and add an action to link it up to the Autoresponder you created in step 1.

That’s it! Your Automation will be listed in the Automation section where you can see it’s conversion rate.

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