From the Conversion section click on the ‘Create Conversion Form’ to get started.

On the Details page give your Conversion Form a name, and add a ‘Redirect address’ which is the URL you would like the form to forward to once completed, this is usually a ‘Thanks’ page.

If you you would like to use ‘Progressive Fields’ to automatically show unknown Contact fields, add how many you would like to show at any one time on this form.

Click ‘Create’ and you will be taken to the ‘Form Builder’ tab to begin building your form.

Step 3. Build Form

Add and edit the form fields you require to build your form. Clicking the ‘Generate Form’ button will display a code snippet for you to include in your website, any further changes you make to your Conversion Form within Jumplead willl be automatically reflected in your website without the need to update your code snippet.

There are two types of fields to choose from ‘Basic Fields’ which are the best choice for general use, and ‘Contact Fields’ which are the properties you wish to capture for your Contacts.

When you add a Contact Field you have the option of making it a ‘Progressive field’, if the field is Progressive then we will only display a certain amount of them depending upon how many you chose to include on the Details tab. This allows you to automatically collect only the information you don’t currently have and prevents asking the same thing twice.

For example, if you choose to show 2 Progressive fields (and have built your form with a total of 10 Progressive fields), we will work through the list in the order you have included them and show the first two that are currently unknown.

Step 4. Add styles

Your form will inherit the CSS styles from your website, alternatively you can choose to use Twitter Bootstrap styles. Either way you can add your own custom override styles for the form for complete control.

That’s all you need to progressively profile your contacts, however you could also add an automation to action some marketing..

Step 5. Add Automation

Once your Conversion Form is built you can add an Automation to trigger some marketing actions when the form is completed.

Click on the ‘Automation’ tab, then click ‘Add Action’

You can then choose to:

  • Send campaign (Choose from one of your Autoresponder campaigns)
  • Issue notification (Send an email to a Jumplead user)
  • Change stage (This is the Contact’s stage)
  • Add contact tag (Use tags to group your Contacts into Lists)
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