DKIM and SPF records are a way of authenticating the emails that you send through Jumplead. By adding these text records to your domain you are telling email servers and clients that the emails you send are really from you.

This is very important when it comes to getting your emails delivered to inboxes and not spam folders.

With access to your DNS management service the setup should only take a few minutes. If you don’t have direct access to your DNS management service you might need to liaise with your webmaster.

Getting set up

If you have access to the campaigns section in Jumplead you will need to click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of the page. If you have not yet had your campaign sending approved, you will need to add your company address. Please ensure these details are correct, they are manually verified and may be rejected if your business cannot be verified.

Next add your first email sending address, this needs to be the email address you want your Jumplead emails to come from, it needs to be from your business email domain e.g.

Based upon your sending email address Jumplead creates a sending domain record, you will then need to add the DKIM and SPF records generated for that domain to your DNS records.

Once your business is verified click the ‘Create sending domain’ button and add the domain you wish to verify.

A note on domain/website requirements:
Your domain must have a live and working website (at http://<sendingdomain> or http://www.<sendingdomain>) that is not under construction or a holding page, contains your privacy policy outlining how you work with your customers' data and resides in the same country from where you registered your account.

You’ll then need to click the ‘DNS Settings’ link for the domain to find the info you need.

The pop up settings box includes both the SPF and DKIM text records that need to be added to your domain. Once those have been added you can click on the ‘Verify’ link to check that they are configured correctly.

SPF Tips

  1. Replace your existing SPF record if you have one. We actually include your existing record in the one we supply because you are only allowed one SPF record.
  2. All DNS admin systems are different. You might need to include your domain name, the @ symbol or leave it blank. Check with the instructions for your DNS provider.


  1. Add a new record, there’s no need to replace an existing record with DKIM.

Once your domain is verified (be patient! this can take a while..), you can add the individual email addresses for the verified domains to begin using within Jumplead.

To add a sending email address, click the ‘Create Sending email address’ button and add the email address you would like to send from.

A code will be sent to that email address which will need to be copied and pasted into Jumplead to authorise the address for email sending.

Once that is done, you’re good to go!

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